Relief Work

For many years the Bolton Council of Mosques has supported the distribution of funds raised through the Mosques in Bolton for Emergency relief services across the world that assist people afflicted by conflict or disaster.

The funds raised have help many disaster struck areas of the world and has helped to re-start Sustainable economic development that integrates agriculture, health, housing and infrastructure, economic development, education and environment, with the training and establishment of local management.

Our work and reports show the commitment from the Bolton's community to support those in need across the world.

The table below shows the money raised for some of our major fundraising appeals.

Bolton Coronary Care Appeal December 2002£16,950.59
IraqSeptember 2003£26,420.92
Algerian Girl - OperationOctober 2004£300.00
SudanJanuary 2005£19,104.40
Bangladesh January 2005£9,448.73
Tsunami January 2005£160,282.76
South Asian EarthquakeJanuary 2006£90,824.99
Palestine - InterpalMay 2006£1,000.00
Forbes Solicitors - AfricaNovember 2006£500.00
Surat, Gujarat, India - FloodsJuly 2007£20,112.88
Mayors Appeal - Bolton HospiceMarch 2007£931.32
Bangladesh CycloneDecember 2007


Burma Cyclone
June 2008

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to these appeals.

To donate please contact the Bolton Council of Mosques - 01204 363680 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Relief Work


Burma Cyclone Projects Funded
Relief Work

In May 2008, Cyclone Nargis struck Burma and left over 22,000 people dead, 40,000 people missing and millions homeless. The Bolton Council of Mosques immediately fundraised through the Mosques in Bolton £28000. Attached is a proposal outlining how the money is intended to be distributed and a breakdown of the projects involved.

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The Boxing Day Tsunami - Facts and Figures
Relief Work
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URGENT: Bangladesh Appeal
Relief Work
UMRA UK Tsunami Update
Partnership Between:

Preston Muslim Society - Bolton Council of Mosques - IMWS

A deadly earthquake struck Indonesia on Boxing Day, 2004, claiming more than 275,000 lives and leaving hundreds of thousands injured. Almost 1.7 million people lost their homes and almost as many lost their livelihood.
It was the worst natural disaster many of us had ever witnessed and we donated generously to support the humanitarian aid for all those who were affected. The Tsunami affected areas in Indonesia, India, Sri-Lanka and as felt as far away as the African Continent.


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