Volunteering Opportunities with BCoM

Opportunities for voluntary work at the Bolton Council of Mosques.

People volunteer for many different reasons, from learning new skills and experiences to enhancing their CV’s. Volunteering can be worthwhile, allowing you to give back to your community to help make a real difference. We here at BCoM can now support you through a volunteering development plan. Once you are accepted on one of our roles, supporting and guiding you in ways that suit you and your needs – helping you to reach your real potential and achieving your goals.

Volunteer Role: Reception and admin assistant
Tasks and Duties: Mainly required over the lunchtime period for reception cover. Answering telephone and taking messages. Typing up and help with reports required by staff, photocopying and general office assistance in updating files and folders.
Volunteer Requirements: Some basic computer knowledge / willingness to learn. A friendly, confident and professional manner on telephone. Be able to converse in at least 1 community language e.g. Urdu, Guajarati.

Volunteer Role: Homework Club - Co-ordinator
Tasks and Duties: to set up a homework club, making use of the rooms and youth area in new building, supporting young people with revision on various topics, and help and support with projects and exams revision.
Volunteer Requirements: Would need to have knowledge on Maths, English and Science subjects to be able to support with revision, some teaching or class room experience preferred.
Times required: available after school, and during school holiday periods (days can be arranged)

Volunteer Role: Young people’s Activities worker x 2 (male + female).
Tasks and Duties: To assist the project worker with organizing activities for young people including trips, booking places, ringing young people up. Supervising whilst on activity, support with report writing and collating evidence of projects carried out.
Volunteer Requirements: To be motivated in working with young people, being able to empower and motivate them. Some experience with young people preferred. To have lots of new ideas of ways of engagement and activities that can be organized, with identified needs.

Volunteer Role: BCOM Media & Promotions Assistant x 2
Task and duties: Promote BCoM services to the community and to other agencies. Keep BCOM display stands updated for upcoming events; create displays and updates around BCOM walls. Add articles from staff and projects to the website, keeping the website updated.
Volunteer Requirements: knowledge of Microsoft programmes, and I.T experience. Familiar with websites. Have a natural flair for creativity and ideas in terms of promoting services and creating displays.

Volunteer Role: BCOM Research Project worker
Tasks and duties: Big research project to be carried out by BCOM. Volunteer would work on a particular theme / target for research, collate information and data, carrying out questionnaires, surveys, telephone interviews and visits Bolton – on various topics. Examples of research area are: Young people in education, women in employment, Muslim people in businesses, Muslim males in prison, single women in need of services, elderly people’s needs, Muslim women in business. Towards the end the volunteer will assist with collating all the evidence and producing final reports.
Volunteer Requirements: Would help to be conversant in at least one community language if needed with particular target groups e.g. elderly people. A confident and professional manner on the telephone, and one-to-one. Have some understanding and knowledge of community issues in particular to the Muslin community. Some experience of research and reporting preferred, but not necessary.
Day and Times Required: long term over 4-6 months – various times and days can be arranged.

Volunteer Role: Ramadan Awareness - project worker
Tasks and duties: putting together an information pack for schools and other organizations about Ramadan and what it means for Muslim people, why it happens etc. To produce leaflets, quizzes, factual information, and Islamic awareness. Possible production of a CD may be required.
Volunteer Requirements: need to be I.T literate, religious knowledge of Islam and Ramadan preferred to be able to research, and put information together.
Day and Times required: July – September 08

Volunteer Role: Islam Awareness Week Planner
Tasks and duties: Planning of activities for Islamic awareness week in Bolton, workshops or information drop-ins and a series of activities to run throughout the week. Production of leaflets and posters. To work around the national theme of Islamic awareness week. Islamic Awareness week 2008: 17th – 23rd November
Volunteer requirements: experience of planning activities / events preferred. Ability to converse with various people in the community, schools and organizations confidently, being able to inform and share knowledge of Islam.
Dates and Times required: August – Nov 08

Volunteer Role: Mosque Guide and School Visit Representative
Tasks and Duties: Mainly required to show school trips around Mosque and answer simple questions about Islam. This will also occasionally involve going to schools to take part in RE classes
Volunteer Requirements: Friendly manner and fluent English. Travel expenses will be reimbursed and basic training/ materials provided

Volunteer Role: Women’s development & Activity Volunteer x 2
Task and Duties: to support the Women’s development Officer in setting up activities and services for Muslim women in Bolton. To occasionally work with the female youth worker for women’s sessions / trips / courses. Supervise activities and sessions set up for women at BCOM. Occasional wok with meeting agencies that may work in partnership or deliver services for women.
Volunteer Requirements: Female, have knowledge of women issues and needs in the local areas. Some experience of working with women preferred though not essential. Confident and professional manner to be able to run and supervise activities. Ability to engage with women and motivate them.

Volunteer Role: Promoting and Starting the Debate on Islamic Finance
Tasks and Duties: To work with HSBC and BCOM and help organise a series of workshops and small events which develop the discussion and debate around Islamic Finance and Mortgages. This will require making key links with individuals and groups and arranging seminars from invites to setting up. It is an exciting project and with Ramadan approaching and the current credit crunch it is a hot topic to discuss.
Volunteer Requirements: Some organisation skills, good communication skills, interest in business, property or finance (optional)
Time required: Can be arranged but meeting and events to be organised in July, August and September.

Please note: all roles will require a CRB check. Times and days of work will be discussed and arranged at interview if suitable for role and accepted to volunteer.

If you are interested in any of the above positions then please contact us on 01204 363680 or via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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