Mentoring Service

The BCOM Mentoring Project is a response from calls from various sections of the community for the mentoring service designed specifically for the BME (Black, Minority & Ethnic Community). Research has recognised that many young people are experiencing an array of issues causing them to usually opt out of mainstream society.

The project aims to link young people on a one-to-one basis with a volunteer who will become a mentor to provide support and guidance at a time when most needed by our youth of today. The project is a structured mentoring, education and recreation programme designed to respond to the needs and issues of young people.

At the present, BCOM have trained 15 women from across the local community as mentors to meet this need. Working closely with local schools and community organisations, there is a desperate need for BME mentors who are better equipped perhaps to relate to BME young people and the difficulties they experience. However, in order for the project to be a success male mentors are still needed. No particular skills or qualifications are required but a willingness to focus on your life experiences and attitude is essential.

The BCOM Mentoring Project will play a pivotal role in helping young people from the BME communities who experience a wide range of problems, to set personal goals for their future and to reach those goals with the support of a caring volunteer Mentor.




The main tasks of the Mentor role include: -

  • Creating a positive supportive relationship between mentor and the young person by adopting a non judgemental approach
  • Initiating and maintaining appropriate relationships with young people
  • Meeting with the Mentee on a weekly basis
  • Attending regular supervision/ support meetings with the project worker
  • Undertaking initial core training and optional ongoing training
  • Attending social activities, group work sessions and optional residential weekends during the programme
  • Trying to maintain weekly contact with the project worker

Volunteering with this project can also enhance the life of a Mentor in various different ways. It can provide an avenue into youth/ social work, meeting new people, or ultimately the satisfaction of helping a young person through a difficult time in their life.
Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer mentor, please look at the volunteering section on the web site.

To get a mentor of your own or for information about the BCOM Mentoring Project contact us on 01204 363680

Mentoring Project
Mentoring Service

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