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Fluenz Nasal Spray is a Flu vaccine used for healthy 2/3/4/5/6 year olds in Bolton.  This is an optional vaccine. Children with illnesses (asthma/diabetes/heart problems etc.) should have the injectable vaccine which is suitable for Muslims. Please do not advise anyone to avoid any vaccination or medication without consulting your doctor. Please seek professional medical advice if you have health queries. For more information on the reasons behind the new vaccination campaign and a description of the contents of Fluenz vaccines go to the NHS Choices website where you can also comment on this and other health related matters. For religious queries please ask a scholar whose opinion you trust.

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Community Development

Bolton Council approved plans to exchange the 240 litres grey bins in Bolton for slimmer 140 litre bins.

This change will take place between June and November 2016.

Council is looking for families that are concerned about the introduction of slim grey bins for any number of reasons e.g large families that produce a lot of waste and families with a number of residents in nappies.

If any family are willing to come forward and have a chat with council about being a case study please contact Bolton Council of Mosques admin at 01204 363680

To arrange a waste audit , order recycling bins or for more information on the introduction of slimmer grey bins visit www.bolton.gov.uk/loverecycling

BCoM New Funeral Hotline
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BCoM / OHMC, Circumcision Service
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The Bolton Council of Mosques (BCoM) in partnership with the Orient House Medical Centre(OHMC) has successfully started running a circumcision clinic since November 2013. The surgery is normally held either on a Saturday or a Sunday, but other days may be available..

Every Child Matters in Madrassah - Fire Safety Awareness
Mosque & Maddrassah Support

Bolton Council of Mosques in partnership with Greater Manchester Fire Service set up a workshop at the Al-Falah Education Centre Mosque on Deane Rd.

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